Jan 13, 2013

Seasons Playtime!

Hey everyone! Here's a little update on my game!
I finally had some time to play Seasons this weekend and it was sooo much fun! Here are some pictures from my game. Enjoy ♥

Sienna a Kaden started a pillow fight in the living room.

Her face is priceless!

Sienna was not all that happy as you can see, but Kaden thought it was hilarious!

Everything was okay though because they decided to cuddle on the bed....

And other things :)

Who is this mysterious man? This is Kaden. I will probably upload him sometime!

Anyways, they decided to adopt a puppy named Tamsie. She is so adorable!

She also really loves to play!

I kept seeing Mysterious Mr. Gnome so I had to take a couple of pictures!

 Now on to the snow!
This is their house, though i'm thinking that I need to put up some Christmas lights!

Appaloosa Plains

He is a true kid at heart!

Sienna and Kaden made a snowman and an igloo together ♥

 Aww look who it is again!

I hope you enjoyed the update! I may play later and have even more pictures for you!
Have a great day :)


  1. Aw great quality pictures!I can't wait until my game looks this good and seasons will run so smooth! The mysterious Mr.Gnome - love it ;) I look forward to seeing more screenshots of your gameplay and hope your having a great time playing! *Hugs*

  2. Thanks! I hope that you are able to have great quality pictures! That would be amazing along with Seasons runing much smoother!

    I will probably post a lot this upcoming weekend after finals. I actually have a four day weekend instead of 2! Means more playing time for me :)