Jun 29, 2012

New WIP :)

I made a new Elf today but she won't be uploaded until next week because i'm going on vacation! :) I hope you like her ♥

Jun 26, 2012

Model Of The Month

My Sim Roslyn made Model Of The Month for Sensation's Simatography Awards! Here check out their 17th issue with her interview on page 113 :)

Jun 25, 2012

Elf Love ♥

Hopefully i'll be able to play with them later :)

Jun 23, 2012


New Sim Amelie up for download! I hope you like her :) Please rec. thanks ♥

Jun 22, 2012


Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great summer :)
Here's my new Sim Emir; I hope you like him!
Please rec. and download, thanks ♥

Jun 1, 2012


Hey there everyone :) I got her to upload finally! Here is my new Sim Elenora; I hope you really like her since I haven't uploaded a new Sim in a long time! Please rec. and download, thanks :D