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My name is Allison and i'm a bit of a Sims addict. Some things that I love include anything vintage, photography, editing and music, because what's life like without it?
Anyways, back to Sims! I have been playing ever since the game came out a long time ago, though I didn't know that there was a lovely Sims Community online till Sims 3! When I played way back when I spent a lot of time playing with families and building them nice house; I really miss being able to play with my Sims, but in other cases, I love what I do now! In-game I spend a lot of time creating Sims, taking pictures and editing them. I have just gotten the grasp of editing and I feel as though I have gotten much better at it! 
You can check out some of my pictures in the Photo Edits tab :)
Also, if you were wondering where my username buckosnort came from...it was actually my brothers nickname and ever since I heard it, it stuck with me! It sounds embarrassing but I love the fact that I get nicknames such as bucky and bucko!

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