Feb 25, 2013


I'm here with a new Sim! I hope you like him :) He's supposed to be baaaad! Lol. Enjoy!
Please rec and download, thanks ♥

Feb 24, 2013

New Simblr!

Hello everyone. I decided to make a Simblr to post some of my random pictures and edits. If you wish to have a look, here's the link :)

Feb 23, 2013

Ombre Hair

I'm really starting to like the ombre hair color. I just wanted to test it to see how it looked and I'm quite pleased! You can download this hair here :)

SF Magazine Issue 19 Out Now!

Feb 21, 2013


Hello everyone! It has been a while since I uploaded a Sim!
Here she is, I hope you like her :)
Please rec. and download, thank you and enjoy ♥

Feb 5, 2013

Winter Candy Default Eyes [Fixed]

Hello everyone :)
I was finally able to fix the scalera so I hope you can enjoy them now!
I will be making them into contacts soon also :)

Click on picture to enlarge