Feb 25, 2012

I Want To Destroy My Game!

This is the third time my game has crashed this weekend, only this time I just so happened to be making a Sim and one that I was quite fond of. Of course this would happen!


  1. That sucks :(
    My game doesn't crash, it's just very slow. :/

  2. Mine Crashes all the time, you're lucky!

  3. I've had that happen to me a couple times this past week too. But it happened after I created my sim, bought the land and would go to play her. I thought it was just Bridgeport, so I tried a different town, same thing. I thought that maybe some of the bad cc that managed to squeak past my scans made it happen as I did find some. But it still crashed only with that sim, after I cleaned it all out. I'm just going to trash her and start over. I also thought that maybe it had something to do with having to download Master Suite digitally as my disk quit working. We shall see with the new one I make. Sorry so long of a post, I tried to make it short! =D